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Friday, May 19, 2017

Free Speech -- The Time to Act Is Now

I got an email this morning from an old friend who told me of his anger at what he sees happening on college campuses.  My friend finds it intolerable that people are being shouted down there.  It's fine to disagree with what someone else says, but wholly un-American to try to prevent that other person from speaking his or her mind.

I doubt that many people (other than those on the far left) would actually disagree with these sentiments.  The question, though, is what can be done about it.

My friend put a Trump sticker on his motorcycle.  He says it is designed to "trigger" some of the intolerant "snowflakes" who spend their days as krypto-fascist storm troopers preventing anyone with whom they disagree from speaking.  One thing is certain; anyone would try to stop my friend from expressing his views is in for a rude surprise.  This mild-mannered guy could probably take on five people and put them all in the hospital.  Somehow, though, I don't see this as a solution that works for everyone.

My choice is to call for brave people to defend free speech.  Politicians won't do it.  People who used to behave in a rational manner have given up and gone to the dark side.  A good example is NY senator Chuck Schumer.  I despise his politics, but he has always been intelligent and usually honest in his views.  As the Democrat leader of the Senate, he is perfectly situated to take on some of the far left fascists who now act as thought police on campus and elsewhere.  Schumer, however, has been totally silent. He doesn't come forward with reasons why America should adopt this or that policy.  Instead, he spends his time in front of the cameras denouncing the President or spouting about some supposed "outrage" which he knows full well is untrue.  Schumer is no longer seeking to keep America together, but rather to tear it apart.

What would happen if a thousand people marched for free speech in Berkeley?  Would there be a riot?  Maybe, but not likely if there really were that many marchers.  What would happen if 2000 people marched across the NYU campus in Manhattan to support free speech?  What if these same people brought someone who is anathema to the campus left wing fascists and had that person speak?  Imagine bringing some fool like Milo onto a University of California for a speech.  It wouldn't be worth much to hear such a speech, but symbolically, it would be a major statement.

There really is not much time left for something like this to happen.  Once the left wing fascists think that they control the campuses, they will inevitably try to extend their reach.  This is a fight for liberty and freedom.

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