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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Times Tries Again

The New York Times is reporting that President Trump is considering a broad shakeup of his White House team because of the chaos there.  So how many times does that make?  You know, the story about the supposed "chaos" in regards to everything Trump?  Let's see:

1.  Right at the start of the primary season in 2015, the media reported that the Trump campaign was imploding because of things that Trump was saying in to the media.  That was wrong.  Nothing changed with the campaign.

2.  As the primaries continued, we got story after story about how there was uproar in the Trump campaign staff over attacks by the candidate on others in the race.  We were told to look for big changes.  There weren't any.

3.  After the primaries were drawing to a close, Trump changed the head of his campaign from someone well suited to the rough and tumble intra-party battle to someone who had experience dealing with conventions.  As the convention got close, the media told us that the convention preparations were disorganized and chaotic.  No one of importance was coming!  Trump was going to have to make changes or the convention would blow up in his face.  Of course, the media story was wrong.  The convention went well.

4.  After the convention, Trump again changed the head of his campaign to someone who knew how to focus on the general election campaign.  The media told us the Trump campaign was in chaos.  Trump was doing stupid things at the behest of his disorganized campaign staff.  The media laughed as Trump wasted his time campaigning in place he could never carry like Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania.  The media contrasted the chaos in the Trump campaign with the well - oiled machine that Hillary ran out of her Brooklyn headquarters.

5.  As the election neared, we got a myriad of stories about the total disorganization in Trump headquarters and the impending changes that would, of course, do no good.  But there were no changes.  Nor was there any chaos.

6.  Within two days of Trump's winning the election, we started seeing stories in the media about the chaos in the Trump transition team.  The recount effort by Jill Stein (supported by Hillary) was causing total havoc with the transition, or so we were told.  Nothing was getting done at Trump Tower.  This story persisted all through the transition period.  Of course, the transition went well, a great cabinet was selected (and finally confirmed after an all out losing effort by the Democrats.)  Trump made only one major change in the transition team.  He put the vice president elect in charge, a most important indicator of the high trust that Trump places in Mike Pence.  All the media stories about chaos were wrong.

7.  Then we had the inauguration.  Since then we get something like a weekly onslaught of stories from the media about how chaotic the administration is.  Nothing is getting done, or so we are told.  Big staff changes are coming, or so we are told.  But one after another, major things are happening.  Promises are being kept.  And guess what, the staff is still there with some very minor exceptions.

8.  We were told Steve Bannon was on his way out, and that was months ago.  He's still there.

9.  The Times told us that Kelly Anne Conway was going, but months later she's still there.

10.  The stories of chaos and staff upheaval just keep coming.  I sometimes wonder if the Times will add a new section to the Sunday paper to be called the Chaos section.  Nearly every one of them is completely false.  It's the second main ongoing story in Fake News, right after the Trump/Russia collusion story.  Neither has any evidence to back it up.

Will the Times ever stop running "chaos" stories?  The answer is YES; it will happen when the next Democrat wins the White House.  Remember, there were no stories about the chaos at the Hillary campaign, but the new books out about that campaign detail the near total meltdown of order and control among the people in charge.  Somehow, the Times "missed" that story.

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