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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How Stupid Do They Think People Are?

I just got a request asking me to contribute to the campaign of Jon Ossoff, the Democrat running in the Georgia sixth district special election.  I decided to look it over.  It asked me to "tell Jon" which are the key issues on which he should focus.  There were only a few, but "getting money out of politics" caught my eye.  I say that because in the primary, Ossoff spent more than any candidate in the history of the country on a primary race for a House seat.  Further, of the nearly ten million dollars Ossoff spent, over 95% came from big donors from outside the district.  In other words, Ossoff could be the poster child for putting big money from unnamed ultra-rich sources INTO politics rather than out of politics.

These kinds of things make me wonder just how stupid the Democrats think people really are.  I know that we went through a campaign in which super rich Hillary Clinton campaigned against the rich, but she had Trump as an opponent.  I know that Bernie Sanders calls for socialism and rails against the wealthy, even though his wife is under investigation for bank fraud and the two of them have multiple lavish vacation homes.  I guess it is nothing new for a Democrat to run against money while actually representing the best interests of those with money.  Still, someone had to advise Ossoff to couch his message in this way.  It makes him look like a moron.


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