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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chris Murphy Should Be Ashamed

There have always been people who are best described as unendingly partisan.  You know the type; these are people for whom every event is only seen for the partisan political advantage that one can wring from it.  Most people have partisan leanings; some are stronger than others.  Nevertheless, there ought to be times when the good of our country takes precedence over what is good for the party.  At least that is what one would expect to be the case even with most politicians.

I write this because I was astounded to see a tweet from senator Chris Murphy today in which he called President Trump's recent trip to the Middle East an "epic failure" because of what happened in Saudi Arabia.  Murphy is a Democrat senator from Connecticut who is not the brightest man alive.  Still, his take on the Saudi portion of the trip is monumentally wrong and even Murphy should understand that.  The main event in Saudi Arabia was a conference of the heads of state of 50 Muslim majority nations that came together to condemn ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups.  For the first time since 9-11 we actually saw nearly all of the leaders of the Sunni Muslims (from which both al-Qaeda and ISIS come) stand in public and say that the terrorists must be condemned.  This is anything but a failure; it is a great success for America.

So why would Murphy call this a failure?  Murphy contends that the trip gave the Saudis the leadership in the Middle East.  The real reason, however, is that Murphy calls everything Trump does a failure.  It doesn't matter what the President does.  For Murphy, the only issue is what will help the Democrats and himself.  He doesn't mind undermining America to achieve that end either.

Murphy really needs to go at the next election.

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