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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump's Biggest Success

What is the biggest success to date for President Trump?  If you're a liberal, you're probably screaming at the computer that he has had no successes at all.  Sorry to upset you, but you're in denial.  Trump has managed in a short time in office to accomplish some really important things. 

First of all, he got Neil Gorsuch as a justice on the Supreme Court.  That is not only a big deal, but it will likely continue to be a big deal for decades.

Second, Trump restored the credibility of America's military deterrent.  The quick and decisive response to the use by the Assad regime was a marked difference from the dithering, discussion and ultimate inaction that was the Obama hallmark.  There's nothing like 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles hitting one of your airbases to focus the mind of a despot like Assad.  Remember, it was an airbase where there were Russian troops stationed, and even that did not deter the American strike.  Combine this with Trump's change to America's dealing with North Korea, ISIS, China and other countries and you see a much more muscular, coherent and successful foreign policy.

The third big success for President Trump has been with regard to immigration.  The real key here is that during his first three full months in office, illegal immigration across the border with Mexico has plummeted.  What was a flood of people when Obama was president has become just a trickle.  Few people try to sneak across the border once they realize that they are just going to be caught and sent home.  According to figures released just today, in April there were only 1,100 people in family units caught crossing the border illegally.  In Obama's last full month of December, that figure was 16,000.  Of course, during Obama's term, those people caught weren't sent home while those caught today are back home tomorrow.  One has to wonder how many people here illegally have left since Trump took office.  Why stay if you are likely eventually to be sent home?  There are no official figures yet on migration patterns, but after three months, there are likely 50,000 to 100,000 fewer illegal aliens in the country than there were on the day Trump took office.  This will reduce the drain on government services to deal with these people and it will also raise the wages of many other people who will no longer have to compete for employment with those who have left.

The fourth big success is the battering that the regulatory state has taken from the Trump administration.  All sorts of crazy overreaching regulations adopted in the final days of Obama's term have been overturned since the Trump inauguration.  There has also been a halt to the imposition of further unnecessary regulatory intrusions into the lives of the average person.  This is a move that will gather steam as the years go by.  It will change the economic prospects of the country for the better.  It will also limit the ability of unelected bureaucrats to impose their view of the world on everyone else. Indeed, it is a victory for personal freedom.

There's more, but the question was which is the biggest success.  My vote is for the move that is Trump in his purest form, the reduction in illegal immigration.  When Trump won, the liberals and the mainstream media scoffed at the idea that Trump would build a wall or affect the flow of illegals into the country.  Now, just a few months later, that shut down of the flow of illegals is exactly what has happened.  The President gets the credit for this success.

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