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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today's Roundup of Fake News

It's an interesting day in Fake News land.  So far, a ton of bogus stories have been unmasked as Fake News, and more ongoing stories have had their status reconfirmed.  Here are the two best:

1.  My favorite of the day -- the acting director of the FBI is Andrew McCabe.  He testified before a congressional committee today and said that a) there has been no interference with the FBI investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia; b) there are more than adequate resources at the FBI to handle that investigation; and c) there was no request for additional resources for the investigation made in the last week.  These sworn statements directly contradict numerous stories in the mainstream media.  It's worth additing that McCabe is a Democrat with close ties to the Clintons, so he is unlikely to be lying to help President Trump.  The New York Times, in particular, has been pushing what is obviously FAKE NEWS.

2.  Maxine Waters, a Democrat congressman from California and a constant critic of President Trump, was interviewed about the current status of the investigation into supposed Trump/Russia ties.  The interview was by a mainstream media reporter, so it was quite friendly, not hostile.  Waters was asked if in all that she has seen or heard including the special briefings for members of Congress she has seen evidence of any collusion or cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Her answer was a simple NO!  So, once again we have been treated to days of non-stop innuendo about the supposed ties and the "critical" investigation into a claim for which there is NO EVIDENCE.  All that stuff is just FAKE NEWS.


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