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Monday, May 22, 2017

Nail Bombs And A Concert

The attack in Manchester, England that hit a crowd leaving a concert by Ariana Grande is really a new low by the terrorists.  The normal demographic at one of these concerts is comprised of teenaged girls.  This is the latest target for the terrorist cowards who claim to be doing God's work.

OK.  I know that I'm calling it a terrorist attack without five police commissions, two government ministers and seven religious leaders who get together to officially proclaim the attack to be a terror attack, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions.  No, I'm not. This was an attack by low-life cowardly scum who seek only to kill young women who they don't even know.

I'm tired of this stuff.  I'm tired that we see more and more places subjected to this craziness.  I'm sickened by the idea that we still have people in this country who think that keeping potential terrorists out of the country is a bad thing because it is being proposed by the President who they hate.  I'm angry that the focus of our politics and media is investigating a non-existent Russian connection even though there's no evidence that any such thing exists after a full year of investigation.  We need to be focused on reality, a reality in which we face a very real threat.   I'm angry at the fools who criticize President Trump for calling the terrorists "evil" and then claim Trump's lack of sophistication will undermine the fight against terrorism.  Excuse me, they won't even say "terrorism", it's the fight against violent extremism.  Just two days ago, we saw the President tell the Islamic world that it has to clean up its own mess.  It has to tear the evil terrorists out completely and destroy them and their evil ideology of death.

Sorry to seem so wound up, but it's not every evening that one gets to hear about 20 or so people slaughtered at a concert by these monsters. 

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