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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nice to Post Good News

The Pentagon announced that the test today of the system designed to defend the USA against ICBMs was successful.  This is the first time that an ICBM has ever been shot down.

The system is not fully deployed, and it would be foolish to assume that it could stop a massive attack (like the ones the Russians or Chinese would launch); however, this system could shoot down a small number of missiles launched by Iran or North Korea should they acquire nuclear armed ICBMs.  It's a terrible blow to the crazies in North Korea to see this successful test.  It means they still won't have the ability to blackmail the USA with a nuclear missile aimed at the USA. 

It would be great if the next step in our continental defense could be a laser system that could shoot down missiles while they are still in space.  It could also be used against enemy satellites. 

If you're old enough, think back to the first proposal for a system of this sort, Ronald Reagans so called strategic defense initiative (which the media called Star Wars.)  The "experts" laughed at Reagan.  Then Patriot missiles were developed which could shoot down short and medium range missiles.  That was followed by a host of other systems which got better and better.  In the last war between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system shot down something like 250 out of 251 missiles aimed as population centers in Israel.  When it comes to nuclear ICBMs, of course, 250 out of 251 still leaves one city or military base obliterated, but it could also save hundreds of millions of lives.

This is a great achievement by the USA, an achievement that is only used for defense, not offense.

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