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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What Will It Take To Get Their Attention?

Two nights ago, we all saw the horror of the terror attack in Manchester UK focused on young girls.  In response to the attack we got the inevitable crazy responses.  One woman who is a Democrat running for Congress in Massachusetts denounced the attack as sexist.  Seriously, more than 20 dead and over 50 wounded and she is worried about sexism.  One commentator on CNN said that the attack was actually carried out by right wing organizations to stoke anger at Muslims around the world.  I guess this "expert" missed the part where ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.  Today, I read columns with people attacking President Trump for calling the terrorists "losers".  There's major murder and their concern is what gets said.  It's the old Obama plan in action; it doesn't matter what you do if you say the right thing.  When the attack happened, CNN and MSNBC didn't even cover it for hours because they didn't want to interrupt the coverage of the phony Trump/Russia story.

Some people will no doubt look at this mess and tell us that the attack was in England, so it doesn't have the same impact here.  But what about this other story from a few days ago:

In Minnesota, a man saw two guys sitting in a car on his street when they threw the wrappings from food they were eating out of the car window.  The fellow went up to the car and told the guys inside to pick up the mess they had made.  The two got out of the car and threatened the fellow with violence.  Since these two guys made clear that they had guns, the fellow beat a hasty retreat and called the police.  Shortly after the 911 call, scores of police showed up.  The two guys in the car, Abdullah Alrifahe and Majid Alrifahe, were arrested when police approached the vehicle and found guns, rifles, magazines, hand grenades and material for making bombs inside the car.

It sounds like the Minneapolis police luckily prevented something major.  But here's where it gets really amazing.  First, Abdullah was charged with carrying a gun in public without a permit.  (Apparently, he decided not to follow the Minnesota gun control laws.  Surprise!)  Abdullah was convicted five months ago on the same charge.  This means that a judge in Minneapolis presided over the trial of this guy on a weapons charge and did not send him to prison (at least not for more than a month or two.)  But it gets worse.  The other guy arrested, Majid, is now out on bail.  Two guys get arrested with an arsenal of weapons and bomb making paraphernalia on the streets of the city.  The judge hearing the case grants bail to one of them so that he's back on the streets.  It's just crazy.  One final note is necessary, though.  The local TV reporters tried to go to get comment from Majid on the matter and went to the address that he gave to the police.  There was no one at that address by that name.  So Majid is not only out on the streets, but the police don't even know where to go to pick him back up.

We all know that Minneapolis is a super liberal city.  What will it take to get the attention of the people living there?  Will we have to witness a terror attack like the one in the UK?  Will that even be enough?  I just don't get these people.

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