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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Now CNN Is Recycling

I made the mistake earlier tonight to turn on CNN during a commercial.  There was Wolff Blitzer and a bunch of others who were listening seriously to a woman describing the relationship between President Trump and general Flynn, the former National Security Advisor.  I listened too for about 15 seconds until the panelist repeated this story:  At 3 a.m. one night, Trump called Flynn to ask him if a strong dollar was good for the economy or not.  Flynn is reported to have told Trump to call an economist because he didn't know the answer.

It's important to know that this is a story that made the rounds in the news about two plus months ago for half a day until it was thoroughly debunked as false.  After all, one thing everyone should agree upon is that President Trump knows a lot about how international trade works.  Not everyone agrees with Trump's viewpoint of that subject, but the President who has spent a lifetime making international deals certainly understands the benefits and costs associated with a strong US dollar.  Whoever crafted that fake story seems to have forgotten this obvious truth.

So we had a panel on CNN listening to a reporter/panelist repeat a discredited phony story from a few months ago.  No one made any attempt to point out that the story was false.  They just went on as if this was real and not fake news.

It's bad enough publishing fake news once.  Now that CNN is recycling Fake News, it has reached a new low.  This non-stop BS is intolerable.

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