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Monday, May 29, 2017

Here's Something Real That Should Concern the Democrats

So far this year, we've seen a series of special elections made into major events by the Democrats and media ahead of time because they were going to show how President Trump was destroying the Republican party.  In each election, the Democrat lost and the story was immediately buried.  Today, however, there is a story out that ought to give Democrats great concern about actual trends in the American electorate.

There's a poll being publicized that shows that only about a third of voters in Pennsylvania give the Democrat governor of that state a favorable job performance rating.  That sure sounds like something minor until you think about it for a moment.  In 2016, the most surprising results were that President Trump won three states that almost everyone had predicted to go for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  Those states were Wisconsin, Michigan and, the big one, Pennsylvania.  Wisconsin and Michigan had trended towards the GOP in recent years.  Both elected Republican governors, and the GOP did well in other races as well.  In Pennsylvania, however, the voters had ousted an incumbent Republican governor in favor of Democrat.  During the 2016 election, it was the movement of broad swaths of voters outside the Philadelphia metro area that pushed the state into the Trump column. 

Given the media/Democrat spin on the current political situation, one would expect that a Democrat governor running for re-election in a major state like PA would be a shoo-in in 2018.  This poll makes clear that will not likely be the case.

The poll goes further, however.  According to the results, when Democrats learn that the governor is pushing to force local schools on the issue of transgender students, the governor's approval ratings drop among Democrats by over six points.  If the governor goes ahead with his plans on this issue, he may never recover.   

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