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Monday, May 15, 2017

Halfway Through British Campaign, It Still Looks Like Tory Blowout

The British election campaign is just about half over.  In this latest UK election, they only had six weeks from the time the election was called until voting day arrives.  It's completely different from the endless campaign we have in the USA.  At the start of the campaign, the Conservative Party was up by about 20 points in the polls over Labour.  Halfway through, that lead which is extraordinary by British standards has held up.  The polls over the weekend show the Tories ahead by 18 or 19 points.  The Tory vote has not declined, but rather increased.  Labour has increased slightly more.  The Liberal Democrats and especially UKIP have declined.  In fact, UKIP has decided not to field candidates for nearly half of the seats in Parliament.  In so doing, UKIP is likely to increase the number of seats won by the Conservatives (who get the lion's share of former UKIP voters.)

As we all know, the polls can be wrong.  (Just asked president Hillary Clinton.)  Polls have never been this wrong, though.  It looks as if the voters of Britain are about to reject the tired left wing globalism of Labour in favor of Prime Minister May and her strong Brexit position.  This will be a big plus for the average British citizen.  They will be able to control their own destiny again.

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