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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Media Distortion -- This Time on Immigration

Shortly after he came into office, President Trump issued an executive order on immigration.  The EO directed ICE to focus on deporting three groups of people here illegally:  1.  those with criminal records; 2. those for whom deportation orders have already been issued by a court; and 3. those, like gang members and drug dealers, who display violent behavior even though they have not been convicted of a crime as of yet.  That's not a difficult thing to understand, is it?  Apparently, it's too hard for Yahoo News to grasp, though.

Tonight, Yahoo News is featuring an article by Dylan Stableford reporting that under Trump, deportation of illegals without criminal records is up by more than 100%.  This is portrayed by Yahoo News as some sort of major problem or scandal.  It's not, of course.  Even Yahoo News admits that more than three quarters of all those who have been deported have had criminal records.  Yahoo, however, treat the remaining quarter of those deported as if they are some sort of saints.  The problem is, though, that according to the statistics something like an eighth of all those deported already had their court hearings during the Obama years and were ordered deported.  Clearly, if a judge has ordered deportation, the government ought to carry out those court orders.  Most of the rest of the people who have been deported fall into the category of "bad" people.  These are the gang members and drug cartel associates who have not yet gotten their criminal record but who present a danger to the public.  Putting all this together, one finds that out of the more than 40 thousand people deported during the Trump Administration to date, less than 1000 do not fit into one of the three categories.  All of them, however, were in the country illegally.  In short, ICE is finally able to do its job, and it appears to be doing that job quite well.

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