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Friday, May 26, 2017

Even with a Flawed Republican, Montana Won't Pick The Democrat

The special election in Montana is over.  The Republican won the House seat easily.  That happened even though that candidate got into a scuffle with a reporter on the night before the election.

Think how this must make the Democrats feel.  They had an open seat in a state that often votes Democrat.  Sure, it has been more Republican than Democrat over the last few decades, but it is not a solid Republican state.  Open seats give the out party (in this case the Democrats) their best chance to pick up a victory; all the power that comes with incumbency does not get into play in these elections.  The Democrats also had a well funded effort.  Something like five million dollars came into the state for the Democrat.  That is a huge amount to spend on a Montana election to Congress (or any other congressional race for that matter.)  The Republican actually spent a bit more, but there was a major campaign for the Democrat.  On top of this, the Democrats were able to tie the Republican to President Trump.  In fact, that was a joint effort; the Democrats tied the GOP candidate to the President, but so did the Republican who ran in outspoken support of the Trump agenda.  If there really is national revulsion of the President (as the media and Democrats would have you believe), this should have been a landslide for the Democrat.  Throw in the fight with the reporter which resulted in the filing of criminal charges against the Republican, and we should have seen a major win by the Democrat.  Even with all this going for them, however, the Democrats lost big.

The Democrats must be losing it today.  It just goes to show you though, Americans on the whole won't vote for a party whose only platform is hate and scorn for their opponents.  There has to be a positive and realistic message in order to win. 

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