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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hey, Guess What Happened When No One Was Looking?

The voters chose a mayor in Omaha earlier this week.  The winner was Jean Stothert, the Republican, who easily beat the Democrat Heath Mello.  This is important because Hillary Clinton carried Omaha last November and the Democrats have a clear edge in registration in the city.  On top of this, the Democrats' so called National Unity Tour came through to campaign for Mello.  Bernie Sanders and the new chair of the DNC headlined the election effort.  Mello also tried to bill his campaign as a way to tell President Trump he is in trouble.

So what does it mean?  The answer is that after making a big push, the Democrats have once again lost.  This time they underperformed their vote share from last November.  Does this mean anything for President Trump or the national standings of the two parties?  Absolutely not!  Of course, if the results had gone the other way, we would be hearing non-stop about how this is a death blow to the Trump presidency.  That would be a lie, but it would be all across the media nevertheless.

We are now at more than 20 elections held since last November.  In only one, an election for the state legislature in Louisiana was there a change of party, and that election had very important local issues that controlled it.  There may be uproar in Washington, but across America, people have pretty much kept their outlook steady.

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