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Sunday, May 21, 2017

They Would Know on Sesame Street

Years ago, when my kids used to watch Sesame Street, there was a bit done on that show with a song that asked "Which of these things is not like the others?"  The point of the exercise was to have little kids look for the differences among things and find the one that was different.  To say the least, it was not a difficult task for a parent watching.  It wasn't even that different for the kids.  The Sesame Street bit came to mind today after I read the AP coverage of President Trump's speech in Riyadh.  We would have to change it slightly to "Which of these phrases is not like the other?"  I sincerely doubt that Julie Pace, the AP reporter who covered the speech, could be successful in such a game.  Let's try together:

Which of these phrases is not like the other?

A.  Islamic terror of all kinds
B.  Militant extremists
C.  Violent Islamists
D.  Radical Islamic terrorists

Did you get it correct?  The correct answer is "B" because it makes no reference to Islam or to violence/terrorism. 

The term "militant extremists" of course, is the one that president Obama used to say when referring to Islamic terrorists, right-wing terrorists, indeed terrorists of all kinds (aside from left-wing terrorist).  Radical Islamic terrorism is the term used by President Trump in his speech to Congress.  The other two, "Islamic terror of all kinds" and "violent Islamists" were used by Trump in his speech in Saudi Arabia today.  The AP, however, says that Trump backed away from denouncing "radical Islamic terrorists" something for which President Trump frequently criticized president Obama during the campaign.  Simply put, I think the AP has lost its mind.  The point Trump made during the campaign was that Obama would not even identify the people we are fighting as Islamic terrorists.  If Julie Pace and the AP see a difference between "radical" Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorists "of all kinds", perhaps they can explain what that difference is.

The truth is that President Trump gave an excellent speech today which was well received by the roughly 50 heads of state of Islamic nations in attendance.  It surely pains the AP and all the mainstream media to admit that.  Nevertheless, it is no excuse for dreaming up phony complaints about what Trump said or fake claims that he is "backing away" from his prior position.

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