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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Meaning of Afghanistan Troop Level Decision

Supposedly, President Trump has decided to send between an additional 3000 and 5000 American troops to Afghanistan to work training Afghan forces and assisting those same forces in fighting the Taliban and ISIS.  From the reaction in the media, you would think Trump had ordered a major surge in American forces in that country.  The media was in full negative response mode to Trump's decision (which hasn't even been announced) until the firing of Jim Comey distracted them.  We shouldn't forget about Afghanistan, however.

It's an amazing thing to watch.  If Trump makes the expected decision, the levels of American forces in Afghanistan could rise as high as 12,000 troops.  For the media, this is a major horror.  These are the same media people who said nothing when Obama sent 120,000 soldiers to fight in Afghanistan and then withdrew nearly all of them before they achieved victory.  Obama's slogan for the war seemed to have been "Fight, Die, But Whatever You Do, Don't Win!"

12,000 troops in training and support missions is a lot different from 120,000 troops engaged in direct combat missions, but for the liberal media, the former is worse than the latter because it was ordered by President Trump.  At some point, the media has to realize that not everyone shares their view of Trump.  The never-ending anti-Trump hysteria has got to end.

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