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Monday, May 22, 2017

Leave It To The Media -- More Nonsense About Trump

Newsweek has a major story about the extraordinary security and high cost of President Trump's trip to Jerusalem.  The focus is on the King David Hotel, which is where Trump will be staying while in Jerusalem.  The reporters announce that the USA took over the entire hotel for four days (since entry into the hotel has to be restricted for security purposes.)  According to the report, some Israelis estimate the cost at 100 million dollars.  The report goes on to talk of supposedly botched plans and problems with the visit.  There is a problem with the story, however.  For the most part, it's total BS.

Let's start with the cost.  There are 400 rooms in the hotel.  If the USA paid $1000 per night for each room (and the average cost is nowhere near that high), it would cost 400,000 dollars per night.  Let's assume, however, that the cost is one million dollars per night.  Over four days that would reach four million dollars if you assume that the night after Trump leaves the hotel cannot get back to normal.  That's a far cry from one hundred million dollars about which Newsweek reports.  What's the rest of the cost?  Are the secret service agents really hitting the mini-bar?  Are there really high fees for parking the presidential limo in the garage?  Of course not, but that doesn't stop Newsweek from reporting the fake number.

But it gets worse.  If you read the Newsweek report, you would think that Trump is just traveling in a lavish style that is totally over the top.  Of course, if you read to the fifteenth paragraph of the article, you will find buried in a sentence at the end of that long paragraph that the security/travel arrangements for President Trump are essentially the same as the ones in place when George W. Bush and later Barack Obama visited Jerusalem during their days as president.  It's an amazing admission.  The entire article is a phony.  Trump is not spending to live in lavish style; nope, the White House security team is simply following the established protocols in place since 9-11.

And while we're discussing Newsweek's article, we ought to mention what the magazine says was a botched plan for the visit.  President Trump canceled his trip to see Masada, a historical site next to the Dead Sea.  Masada was one of the last fortresses to hold out in the fight of the Jews against the Romans 2000 years ago.  It is an archeological site of major importance and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Trump was going to come to see it while in Israel, but that had to be changed when those in charge of maintaining the site said that they could not allow the President's helicopter to land there.  The fortress is on top of a small mountain in the middle of the desert.  The wind from the helicopter's blades would cause a major dust storm at the site and might damage some of the ruins left there.  There is a cable car which can be used to access the site from the valley below, but for security reasons, Trump cannot come that way.  The White House substituted a trip to the Israel Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls instead of the trip to Masada.  So consider the facts.  Does that sound like botched plans to you?  The President's plans were changed; that's for sure, but was this some international incident the way Newsweek portrays it?  Of course not.

Newsweek calls itself a journal of "liberal opinion".  It may be liberal and it is certainly filled with opinions.  The main name has to change.  How about FakeNewsweek (a journal of liberal phony stories).

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