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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Morons in Media

I just happened to be on the Yahoo News feed and they were featuring an article about how an "iconic" dance between Princess Diana and John Travolta at a White House event almost did not happen in 1985.  Why anyone would care about this is beyond me.  After all, it's gossip from 32 years ago.  That is not, however, why I am writing about this.  The point made in the article is that Princess Diana had hoped to dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov.  The article identifies Baryshnikov as an actor who played a love interest for Cary Bradshaw in the TV series "Sex In The City".  That identification shows a remarkable lack of knowledge by the reporter.  It's the rough equivalent of describing Harrison Ford as an actor who played a cattleman in the movie "Cowboys and Aliens".  What about all those Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies?  Mikhail Baryshnikov it perhaps the greatest male ballet dance of the 20th century.  If not the greatest, he is certainly one of the top three.  It is that great ballet that would have made Princess Diana want to dance with him, not some part in a TV series that happened twenty years later.

I wonder if the reporter even realized just how off base she was.

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