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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What's the Big Story Today?

What's the biggest story in the news today?  There's a lot to pick from:

1.  The terrorist attack in Manchester, UK.

2.  The President's trip to the Middle East and Rome.

3.  The budget proposal sent by the White House to Congress.

4.  The testimony today of the DNI and the former head of the CIA before congressional committees.

There's other stories floating around, but one of the above is definitely the top story.

I only ask because I checked to see what cable news was covering at various times during the evening.  I did a lot of channel flipping and sampled each of these channels six times during prime time.  It's far from a complete study, but it does give a pretty good picture.  Here's what I found:

Fox News spent most time on the terrorist attack in Britain and its ramifications for the USA.  Four out of six times that I checked, that was the subject being discussed.  Once it was the budget and once it was the President's trip.

MSNBC was covering the terror attack on two occasions.  It also was covering the testimony by the DNI three times and once it was speaking about the President's trip and how it was being affected by events in Washington regarding the Russia investigation.

CNN was covering the terror attack once.  It was discussing the testimony in congress today five times.

One last note about the CNN coverage.  I watched Anderson Cooper interview someone who knows former FBI Director Jim Comey and ask the fellow if he knew if Comey had actually told President Trump three times that Trump was not under investigation.  The response was priceless.  This guy said that he had no knowledge of what Comey said or did not say to the President; then he went on to state that he was sure that Comey had never said any such thing to Trump.  I actually started laughing out loud at the absurdity of it all.  He doesn't know but yet he's sure.  Anderson Cooper never challenged the nonsense at all.

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