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Thursday, May 11, 2017

No More Aetna

Aetna has now pulled out of selling individual policies on all Obamacare exchanges.  It is the latest swirl in the ongoing death spiral for that law.  By next fall when the open enrollment period comes, there are sure to be multiple states in which some or all of the people will be unable to buy insurance at any price.  If you're a Democrat, you can tell us how no one with pre-existing conditions will be subject to special difficulties in buying insurance.  You'd be right, because no one with or without pre-existing conditions will be able to buy insurance in many place.

When the House considered and passed the AHCA to repeal and replace Obamacare, the only thing that the Democrats said was NO!  They didn't offer any ideas to improve the bill.  They just played politics with it.

If the AHCA does not pass the Senate, what will the Democrats say to the millions of people without insurance?  They're not trying to achieve anything other than political gain.  They keep saying that they want to fix Obamacare, but they've offered nothing.  There's no plan from them at all.  For all the years that Obamacare was dying, they offered nothing.  The Democrats didn't try to fix the mess that Obamacare created.  I don't think they care at all about the people who will have no insurance.  They just want to get back in power.  But that leads to a big, big question:  if the Democrats get back in power, how would they fix Obamacare?  They've never even hinted at an answer.  At least the GOP has been trying to help in the face of total obstruction by the Dems.

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