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Friday, May 26, 2017

Character Assassination Kushner Style

It's everywhere yesterday and today:  Jared Kushner is a "person of interest" or a "focus" in the investigation of the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  I'm sure you've seen the reports which are based upon statements of unnamed "government sources".  Now ask yourself this question:  what does it mean to be a "person of interest" in this sort of investigation?

Have you reached an answer?  If so, you are pretty good.  There is no such thing as a "person of interest" in that context.  There are two kinds of FBI investigations. First we have the more ordinary criminal investigation.  Then we have a "national security investigation" which is what the FBI has called the Trump/Russia investigation.  A criminal investigation would have a "target" who is the person or persons whose behavior is being examined for possible commission of a crime.  No one, not even the anonymous sources in the media says or even suggests that Kushner is the target of such an investigation.  There are witnesses who get interviewed in both types of investigations.  The FBI, however, never talks about a person of interest and it certainly never speaks of a person as a "focus".

So what is the news actually all about?  If you have followed this story since the beginning, you know that last December the media reported (gasp) that Kushner had spoken to some Russians.  That is something that Kushner himself has confirmed; he spoke to and even met some Russians on occasion.  It had nothing to do with the Trump election campaign, however.  The investigators are going to speak to Kushner to confirm this.  Indeed, Kushner himself offered to come and speak to the congressional committees doing investigations to tell them about the contacts in question.  In the last few days, however, the media and the leakers have repackaged this old news to make it sound ominous.  Kushner is a "person of interest".  We're now supposed to take that to mean that Kushner is a Russian spy or something approaching that.

The truth is that this is character assassination, plain and simple.  Anonymous sources repackaging old stories is not news.  Nevertheless, the story is everywhere.  I just saw it in my local paper next to a story on a disciplinary problem at the local high school.  It gives the media the chance to take a dishonest shot at the President's son-in-law.  It's really bad stuff.

We have an investigation of something that only exists in the imagination of the media/Democrat complex.  There has never been any evidence of collusion or cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Now we have the attempted destruction of the good name of Kushner on the basis of nothing but repackaged old news.  It's disgusting.

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