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Sunday, May 21, 2017

the AP Is Back At It -- Today It's Notre Dame

The AP has a big report out in the last hour about the protests at Notre Dame's commencement against Vice President Mike Pence.  The key to the article, though, is that nowhere does the AP make the point that the protest was a complete failure.

The article starts by telling the reader that "dozens" of students and parents walked out when Pence began to speak.  Let's unpack that statement.  We can't know for certain, but "dozens" most likely means around 50.  It can't be over 100 or the article would have said "about a hundred" or pushed it with "hundreds".  The article doesn't bother to say how many people attended the commencement.  That would have given the game away.  Just among undergraduates, there were 2500 graduates.  If you consider that on average an undergraduate brings at least his or her parents and perhaps grandparents, siblings and friends, it seems safe to estimate the number present at 10,000 or more.  And then you have the graduate students who were getting degrees.  How many more thousands should be added to the 10,000? 

The point here is that something like 50 people out of 15,000 got up when Pence started to speak and the AP treats it like something major happened.  It's a total joke and just more FAKE NEWS from the AP. 

I have to add one last thing:  the AP says that Pence did not acknowledge the walk out by these students and their parents.  Really?  More likely, Pence didn't even notice that they were leaving. 

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