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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How Dumb Are These People?

Another American citizen was just arrested in North Korea for supposedly spying for the CIA.  You really have to ask just how dumb these people really are.  What kind of a person goes to visit North Korea?  One guy recently arrested was teaching at an engineering school.  Didn't he realize that the NKs are crazy people led by a lunatic?  Americans are arrested for sport in North Korea.  What did he think would happen if he went there?  Even worse, what kind of American goes to help the NKs train more engineers so as to make their path to ICBMs easier?

It's one thing when people get caught up in international problems.  We ought to try to get them released.  For the morons who go to North Korea (or Iran) and help train engineers, it would be better in my opinion to let the North Korean "justice" system work its magic.

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