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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Okay, We Got It

News Flash!!!  President Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey.  That was the news two days ago.  It got wall to wall coverage Tuesday night.  It got wall to wall coverage yesterday.  It's enough.  There really is nothing more to the story than has already been reported.  Much of what is coming out now is contradictory or even fake.  No one outside of Washington really cares that much about this story that it merits ongoing non-stop coverage.  Other things are happening.

In the spirit of what I just wrote, I'm done with the FBI story until there's something material that happens which is related to it.  For example, if President Trump appoints someone to replace Comey, that will be news worth covering.  On the other hand, more supposed tales from "insiders" who are giving the "real" story of what happened is just more unverifiable nonsense that the media uses to advance its own narrative.


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