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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ivanke In Saudi Land

I was reading an article about the near hysteria in Saudi Arabia over the visit by President Trump and his family.  In particular, the article spoke of the enormous interest of Saudi citizens in both the First Lady and the President's daughter Ivanka.  Most of the American media has ignored these aspects of the trip.  There have been some articles about how Melania Trump did not wear a headscarf.  The very first ones condemned her for being insensitive, but after word spread that Michelle Obama also refused to wear a headscarf when she accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia, that condemnation disappeared.  There is also essentially no American coverage of the hubbub surrounding Ivanka's visit.  Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are in Saudia Arabia with the President, but the number one trending topic on social media in Saudi Arabia today is Ivanka.  I wonder how many Saudis know that Ivanka is Jewish.  She converted when she married her husband about nine years ago.  Both of them have also been to Israel.  Normally, the Saudis deny entry into their country to anyone who has an Israeli stamp in their passport, and most Jews are also denied entry.  Instead of that, the Saudis seem thrilled that Ivanka is there.

It's sad that this story appears only in non-USA media sources.  Maybe it will eventually get into our media.  I hope so.

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