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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Dust up in Montana

There's a special election for Congress in Montana today and to put it mildly all hell is breaking loose.

First, last night, the GOP candidate was in an altercation with a reporter for The Guardian.  The reporter said that the candidate attacked him for no apparent reason.  The candidate said that the reporter would not back away when asked and got pushed out of the way.  The only real witness to what happened is a reporter for Fox News who initially back the reporter's story but has since changed her statement in ways that call into question what she actually saw.

To say the least, this was a stupid move by the GOP candidate.  The election is today, so the guy just had to keep his cool for one more day and he did not.  Nevertheless, the reaction has been amazing in the media.  After all, this is not the biggest of news.  Nevertheless, there has been constant coverage of this story.  This morning there were multiple media reports that people were swamping the Montana Secretary of State's office trying to get permission to change the votes that they had cast in early voting.  An hour ago, however, the story came out that there had been just a few calls when the office opened and even those calls ended quickly.  In other words, not more than a dozen people called to see if they could change their votes, but the media called it an avalanche of disgruntled voters upset about the fight the night before.

I don't know who will win today's election.  If the GOP candidate loses, he will have no one but himself to blame.  On the other hand, if the GOP candidate wins, it will be hard for the Dems to spin this one as anything other than a crushing loss.

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