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Saturday, May 13, 2017

More Baseless Lies

Just about an hour ago, I posted about the baseless lies being pushed by senator Richard Blumenthal who spoke of "mounting evidence" of links between the Trump campaign and Russia when there is no evidence at all and confirmation of that fact from every intelligence official who has spoken about it.  It's important to point out that Blumenthal is not alone in this stance.  The media has gone overboard with the Fake News story as well.  I just saw another example of this in an article in The Atlantic which pronounces the "Comey affair" worse than Watergate.  In fact, the author of that piece offers five reasons to back up his view.  The sad thing, however, is that none of the five reasons have anything to do with actual evidence of any coordination or collusion with Russia regarding the election.  The Atlantic article speaks only about the nature of claimed offense, not of any proof of that offense.

I'm really tired of hearing left wing media people talking about the nature of the offense or the seriousness of the charge.  They've used this line for years.  They make a claim that some target figure has done something really awful, then they say that even with no evidence of any wrongdoing, the "seriousness of the charge" requires an investigation.  Did Ronald Reagan make a deal with Iran to delay the release of hostages in 1980 in order to win the election?  There was and still is no proof that anything of the sort happened, but the seriousness of the charge demanded an investigation.  Did George H.W. Bush arrange that supposed deal with the Iranians?  Again, no evidence exists of any action by Bush or of any deal with Iran, but the seriousness of the charge demanded an investigation.  And it's not just something from long ago.  Did Mitt Romney really not pay taxes for ten years?  Harry Reid made that charge on the floor of the Senate (so he couldn't be sued for slander).  There was no proof, but he demanded an investigation.

I'm tired of this nonsense.  Will honesty ever return to DC?  Will the media accomplices of the Democrats ever actually return to journalism rather than fiction?  I hope so, but I doubt it.

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