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Saturday, May 13, 2017

I'm Tired Of Baseless Lies

There's a new voice in the left wing pantheon.  It's my own state's senator Richard Blumenthal.  Senator Blumenthal has gone totally to the dark side. 

Here's an example:  the other day, Blumy tweeted that there is "mounting evidence" that the FBI is closing in on President Trump and his associates.

Think about that for a moment.  What evidence exists that the FBI is "closing in on" the President and his associates?  We know a few things for certain:

1.  There is no known evidence that there was any coordination or collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.  So says the former Director of National Intelligence who headed all the intelligence agencies during the first seven months of investigations into Russia and the election.  He repeated that just the past week.  Remember, this guy is an Obama Democrat, so he is not trying to help Trump.  Every other intelligence agency person who has spoken on this matter has confirmed the same view:  there is no evidence of coordination or collusion.  No one with actual knowledge has gone the other way and claimed evidence.

2.  Former FBI Director Comey told President Trump that he is not the target of any investigation involving Russia and the elections.  The source of that information is Trump himself, so one could consider it questionable, however, Comey said the same thing to the chairman and the ranking Democrat on the Senate Committee overseeing the FBI.  Both senator Grassley and senator Feinstein have confirmed this. 

3.  None of the mainstream media have ever had any evidence of coordination or cooperation between the Trump team and the Russians.  The best they have ever come up with consists of three things:

a.  One time chair of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort, worked as a consultant in 2014 for a Ukrainian politician who was friendly to the Russians.  This was known during the campaign.  Manafort was gone from the campaign after the conventions in 2016.  Most important, the main thing that Manafort did for the Ukrainians was to put them in contact with an American lobbying firm to help in dealings with Congress and the federal government.  That lobbying firm was the Podesta Group, founded by the chair of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  These same Ukrainians paid millions to Podesta.  So does that prove that Hillary coordinated and colluded with the Russians?  No, and it doesn't prove Trump did either.

b.  General Mike Flynn who was an advisor on national security to the campaign gave a paid speech in Moscow in 2015.  He later spoke to the Russian ambassador in December of 2016 (after the election was long over).  Flynn may have failed to follow rules dealing with former military officers in connection with his speech, but it was no secret.  But if giving paid speeches to foreign groups makes one suspect, then how about the numerous speeches like that given by Bill Clinton?  Did Hillary coordinate and cooperate in the campaign with Saudi Arabia and Qatar?  Bill gave speeches there.  Did Hillary coordinate and cooperate with China during the campaign?  Bill spoke to Chinese groups.  How about Switzerland, Germany, the UK, etc.?  There is nothing that Flynn did that indicates any coordination or cooperation between the campaign and Russia.

c.  A guy who for a few months was on a board advising the Trump campaign on foreign policy matters had contacts with Russians.  Is this the basis for a claim of coordination and cooperation?  NOPE.  Remember, one of the closest associates of the Clintons, Frank Giustra, orchestrated the sale of a huge percentage of all of America's uranium to the Russians.  That's a lot closer contact with the Russians than anyone on the Trump campaign ever had.  Hillary was even involved in that sale.  Does that prove coordination and collusion between Clinton and the Russians? 

So, putting all this together, there really is no evidence of coordination and collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  But senator Blumenthal doesn't just talk about supposed evidence, he calls it "mounting evidence".  Blumenthal is a lawyer.  He spent over a decade as a rather ineffectual Attorney General of Connecticut.  He should and does understand what constitutes "evidence".  That means that Blumenthal is pushing baseless lies.  He knows it.  We know it.  It has to stop.

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