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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Imagine This

The president of Iran was re-elected.  Here's how the AP describes that event today:

"Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani trounced a hard-line challenger to secure re-election Saturday, saying his country seeks peace and friendship as it pursues a "path of coexistence and interaction with the world."

It's truly amazing.  Iran was and is the world's most important state sponsor of terrorism.  That has been the truth for at least the last decade.  The US State Department pointed out this sponsorship of terrorism certainly since 9-11.  The supposedly "moderate" Rouhani has been in office for four years, but there has been no change in Iranian sponsorship of terrorism.  During his presidency, Iranian forces have moved into Syria to support the Assad regime and the terror group Hezbollah.  Tens of thousands of Syrians have been left dead in their wake.  Also during the Rouhani term in office, Iranian forces have moved into Iraq supposedly to help fight ISIS.  The problem, however, has come in areas liberated from ISIS where Iran and the Shiite militias that it backs have taken control from the local population (which is mostly Sunni).  While Rouhani has been president, Iranian ships have frequently harassed US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf.  These same Iranian navy ships have also periodically interfered with the free passage of cargo ships traversing that international waterway.  And while we're on the subject of the Persian Gulf, remember that it was under Rouhani that an American Navy ship was captured by Iranian naval vessels and the crew humiliated and then ransomed.  But Rouhani is a "moderate" unlike the "hardliner" he opposed.

The truth is that the only basis the AP has to call Rouhani a "moderate" is that he is the one who was president while the Iran nuclear deal was signed with the USA and other world powers.  Rouhani is a "moderate" because he agreed to a deal in which all sanctions were lifted on Iran immediately, Iran was given about $150 billion immediately, various other positive efforts were made to the USA to favor the Iranians also immediately, and, in exchange, Iran agreed to slow its nuclear program on condition that after ten years it could move directly to making those bombs.  Best of all, for Iran, the level of monitoring compliance with the deal is so low that Iran can cheat on making nukes and the USA is unlikely to find out.  To the AP, that's "moderate".  Rouhani and the Iranians put one over on Obama, but that makes him "moderate".  The truth is that since this involves Obama, the media sees it in a favorable light.  Hopefully, they will at least awaken when the first Iranian nuclear test takes place.

Iran and its president seek regional hegemony.  This is beyond a doubt.  The fools at the AP want to whitewash this reality, however, to fit within their favored political narrative.  I wonder how many people will have to die in the inevitable war before that narrative will be seen for the idiocy that it truly is.

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