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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here's The Real Bizarre Story

Ever since the election, the mainstream media and the Democrats have been claiming-- without any supporting evidence -- that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to 'steal" the election from Hillary Clinton.  It's bizarre that a claim devoid of any supporting evidence could just go on and on and on.  There now, however, is something even more bizarre which needs to be explained to the American people.  Here are the salient points:

1.  According to the man who lead the CIA through 2016, John Brennan, American intelligence agencies were very concerned about the Russians interfering in our elections.
2.  Brennan told his Russian counterpart to stop interfering.  This happened in the July or August of 2016.
3.  President Obama told the Russians to "cut it out" at roughly the same time.

That's the whole thing except for this:  besides telling the Russians to stop, consider what else the Obama administration did to make the Russians end their efforts.  The answer is THEY DID NOTHING.  That's right; NOTHING!!!

Former CIA director Michael Morell confirmed this on CBS today.  President Obama raised the issue with the Russians but then sat by and did nothing at all to make the Russians stop their attempts at interference.

Someone needs to explain this.  Obviously, the White House was not unaware of what the Russians were doing.  This can't be brushed off as one of those things that Obama only learned about when it appeared in the media.  By his own admission, Obama raised the subject with the Russians.  Why then, if there was all this supposed Russian interference did the President of the United States just sit there and do nothing?  Why did the CIA do nothing?  Why did the FBI and the NSA and all the other alphabet agencies do nothing?

There is only one possible explanation:  Obama knew that the Russians weren't really doing much of anything.  There was no need to take active steps because there was nothing to stop.  Nothing else makes sense. 

It's bizarre that it has taken until now for this whole story to play out.  I know that the media focus has always been on the supposed contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but it is not that difficult to consider what the US government was doing during this time.  Someone in the media should have focused on this aspect prior to now.

The truth is that Obama's failure to have America take any action on the supposed Russian activities when they were supposedly happening shows just how phony that story really is.

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