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Monday, May 8, 2017

The Constant Attack

I was in my car this morning listening to the news on CBS radio and I was struck by yet another instance of the constant attack by the media on President Trump and the GOP.  It was a small thing.  The announcer was talking about how the Senate would approach the healthcare reform bill that just passed the House.  He called the bill that passed the House last week "the much criticized bill".

Think about that.  In 2010, when Obamacare passed one house and was being considered by the other, did CBS or any other network call it "much criticized"?  Of course not.  There was an avalanche of criticism especially from Republicans.  As the bill was moving forward, the GOP said it was flawed because it would 1. raise rather than lower premiums, 2. force many people off their current insurance policies, 3. ultimately result in a death spiral for the insurance market, 4. cost the government much more than anticipated and raise the deficit, and much more.  Each of those criticism have proven to be true.  When the bill was being considered, however, the media hardly covered them; after all, the criticism came from Republicans.  Now, when it is Democrats who are doing the criticism, the bill is "much criticized".

It really is ridiculous that the media is constantly on the attack against the GOP.

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