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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pssst -- It's a Secret!

Three weeks ago, nearly every article I saw discussing President Trump in the mainstream media announced at some point that the President was approaching the end of his first 100 days in office with approval numbers that were at an "historic" low.  That reference to historic numbers was so common, it was like the refrain of a song. 

I was remember that refrain in light of the recent numbers in the polls showing Trump's job approval.  Today brought two polls that showed the voters almost evenly split.  One had a 1% lead for disapprove and the second had a 2% lead.  These are so close that they are within the margin of error.  The other polls out in the last week are, for the most part, also showing a very close split among voters.

I personally don't think that the numbers in these polls mean very much.  Approval numbers gyrate with events.  I am not pointing out the numbers for that reason.  No, the issue here is one for you to consider.  How many times in the last week have you seen any reporting in the mainstream media telling you that Trump's poll numbers have improved so much?  Did you see anything that said that the historic low numbers were not there anymore?  I haven't seen such reports, and I follow this stuff closely.

What the media did was to decide that it would showcase supposedly low poll numbers for President Trump.  The reality didn't matter.  Even when the numbers clearly moved strongly in the President's direction, it didn't matter.  The only story from the media is that they hate Trump and he is no good.

Trump is right to call most of the Fake News.

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