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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Day of The Fake Attack News

Two stories today reminded me that the mainstream media will never stop pushing fake news to try to hurt President Trump.

The first story showed up on Face the Nation this morning.  Supposedly, the budget for next year which is being developed by the administration is going to reduce funding for the White House "drug tsar" by 90%.  That story made the rounds a few days ago and was completely denied by the White House.  The denial certainly seems correct.  President Trump spent a great amount of time during the campaign talking about the evil of drugs and the need to do more to help those addicted and to shut off the flow of illegal drugs into our country.  He has taken steps to make good on these promises since the inauguration.  In addition, the budget for next year is nowhere near complete.  The spending authority for the current year hasn't even been completed.  It is just way too early for any decision of reducing funds to fight drugs to have been made.  It seems to be just another of the many anti-Trump bits of Fake News.  So what happened on Face The Nation?  John Dickerson asked his guest, a big name Democrat, what he thought of the story that Trump was planning to gut the funding for the fight against drugs and addiction.  A story which is clearly phony thus engendered follow up questions in which the same phony story is repeated as if it were true.

The second story is spread across social media right now.  According to a golf reporter, Eric Trump, the President's son, told him in 2014 that many of the Trump golf courses were funded by the Russians.  The reporter did not mention this in 2014.  It is only now that he "remembers" what was supposedly said.  This story, too, is a phony one.  And there is a simple way to prove that this is phony.  Remember, each of the Trump golf courses cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to develop.  Any bank that financed the golf course would have gotten a mortgage on that course.  The Trump Organization would have wanted there to be such a mortgage.  The interest charged on a secured loan (i.e., one with a mortgage) is lower that interest charged on an unsecured loan.  Got that?  The Trump Organization would pay LESS INTEREST if the bank took a mortgage on the golf course, so, of course, the Trump Organization would want there to be such a mortgage.  The bank would also want a mortgage to provide it with security for a rather sizeable loan.  And here's the kicker:  any mortgage on a Trump golf course would be filed with the county clerk for the county in which the golf course is located.  Mortgages are PUBLIC DOCUMENTS!!!!  There's no need to listen to the supposed memories of some golf reporter from three plus years ago about the financing of the golf courses.  All that has to be done is to look at the public records relevant to each Trump golf course.  You can be sure that this has already been done and that nothing has turned up.  In other words, the story of what Eric Trump said in 2014 is at best a faulty memory or, more likely, a total lie.  In either case, it is FAKE NEWS.  Nevertheless, the media is pushing it big time at the moment.

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