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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The First Obamacare Free State

Medica, the largest health insurer in Iowa announced that it is pulling out and will no longer sell policies on the Obamacare exchange in that state in 2018.  That move will leave 94 counties in Iowa with no insurance company selling policies on the exchange.  Only five counties will have any insurance available through Obamacare.

This move by Medica is likely to be repeated in other states soon.  The disaster which is Obamacare is going to spread to many hundreds more counties across the country in which there will be no health insurance available for those who do not get it through work.

Will the Democrats really stand by and just oppose the efforts to replace Obamacare with a system the should work?  For example, Representative David Loebsack of the second district in Iowa now has nearly all the people he represents unable to purchase health insurance.  Is he going to leave them totally in the lurch and uninsured because he wants to make a political point?  If so, my guess is that he will be gone in 2018.

As more states get hit with the same problem, there will be more Democrats in the position of Loebsack.  My prediction is that many will abandon the pure politics of Nancy Pelosi and the DNC and will instead try to work out a system to get coverage for their constituents.

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