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Friday, May 5, 2017

Watching The Fools Show Who They Are

There's a story out today about how many people in Flint, Michigan are in danger of losing their homes because they failed to pay their water bills.  As most people know, there was a water crisis in Flint when the local water system switched to a less expensive source without doing sufficient research to determine that the new water would cause lead in the pipes in the city system to leach into the drinking water.  The result was high lead levels and the need to replace nearly the entire water system.  Many city residents who no longer got water due to the crisis failed to pay their bills for water and sewage services.  Now, the city is threatening to put tax liens on the homes of those who did not pay and to evict them.

This news has caused an uproar on Twitter.  The Twitterati find it outrageous that the homeowners in Flint should have to pay for water services when they did not get clean water.  Here's an example in this tweet from the ever-outraged Chelsea Clinton:

Unconscionable. How could anyone support asking people to pay for water they've not been able to safely drink?

This is just one of many tweets of a similar nature.  The tweets are idiotic when one knows the facts. Here's what you need to know. 

1.  The Flint water supply comes from a municipal system owned by the public.  There is no one other than the local taxpayers to keep that system operating.

2.  If the local homeowners refuse to pay their municipal water taxes/bills, the system will have to shut down with no water being supplied to anyone for any purpose.

3.  It may have been complete stupidity on the part of the people in charge of the water system to make the switch that introduced the lead into the water, but those people all worked for the local citizens.

In other words, the people of Flint still have to pay for the operation of the water system whether or not their employees screwed up.  The federal government already gave Flint over 100 million dollars to help rebuild and repair the system.

There's another aspect to this mess besides the obvious lack of knowledge by liberal tweeters like Clinton.  This whole mess was caused by the Democrats.  The local government in Flint is Democrat and has been for many decades.  The people running the water system are all Democrats who are guilty of major mismanagement.  The people who are now threatening to foreclose on these homeowners are again the local Democrats who run the government in Flint.  None of the articles or tweets mention any of this.  Now imagine the coverage if the local government was run by Republicans.  We would see headline after headline about evil Republicans trying to throw poor people out of their homes.  When the Dems actually do that, however, there is just silence.

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