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Saturday, May 6, 2017

You Have To Laugh: the New Yorker Wonders if Obama's Endorsement of Macron Will Swing the French Election

In the annals of liberal self-importance, the world has just reached a new high point.  The New Yorker has published a piece wondering if the endorsement by Barack Obama of Emmanuel Macron in France will swing the election.  It's hysterical.

First, the polls in France have Macron 20% ahead of his opponent Marine LePen.  Sure, the polls might be wrong but it is hard to see LePen pull this out unless the French are just lying to the pollsters.  Macron has seen some last minute problems arise:  1) records of what are said to be his off shore secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands were splash in the media; and 2) the email accounts of his campaign were hacked and the contents put on line yesterday.  These events are by far more important than an endorsement by Obama.  No matter what, though, Macron is the strong favorite.

Second, it is laughable to think that Obama would sway the French.  In fact, it is amazing that Obama even decided to step into this election by taping the endorsement.  Imagine how most Americans would feel if the President of France had endorsed a candidate in the US elections last November.  Would it swing anyone's vote towards the candidate being endorsed?  I doubt it.  There is no well of respect for Obama in France.  The endorsement will not swing more than a few votes at most.

A meaningless endorsement by Obama is not even worth a post on my blog.  What is worth comment, however, is the belief by those at the New Yorker that Obama might actually have an impact in France and the writing of an article that is at best delusional and at worst completely dishonest.  It is idiocy at a level that can only be seen a funny.  It is journalistic slapstick.

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