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Friday, May 5, 2017

Hypocrisy or HypocriBee?

I was surprised to learn that liberal darling Samantha Bee and her husband are strongly opposing the redrawing of the lines for local elementary schools on Manhattan's Upper West Side.  That neighborhood is perhaps the most liberal one in all of very liberal New York.  Their son attends one local school which (unlike most in Manhattan) has a large majority of white students.  If the lines were redrawn, that racial mix might change in drastic fashion.

Samantha Bee and her husband claim that their opposition is not racist in nature.  They argue instead for keeping local schools.  That sort of argument might have resonated decades ago when students were bused tens of miles to bring off integration, but the change being discussed in Manhattan would just move some students less than half a mile and would leave them all within the same neighborhood.  It makes the arguments offered by this liberal couple seem rather hollow.

I wonder if any of the mainstream media will cover this story?

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