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Monday, May 1, 2017

Media Commentary From CNN

The head of CNN today called Fox New "state run TV" and MSNBC "the opposition".  That was hilarious, but Jeff Zucker next said that CNN was the only news network that was "seeking the truth".

It's hard to take anything Jeff Zucker say seriously after that statement.  True, the man has a marvelous and highly trustworthy first name, but even so, he seems to have lost his grip on reality.  Right now, the main difference between CNN and MSNBC is that CNN pretends to have sources for some of the Fake News it broadcast, while MSNBC doesn't even seem to try anymore.  It's all leftist opinion all the time.

By the way, this is not meant as some sort of defense for Fox News.  There are things on that network that I would like to see improved, but I would also say that of all networks including on cable as well as CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS, the Fox nightly newscast (Special Report) is the most balanced and best reported news on TV.

Maybe Zucker is annoyed because the other networks have stopped covering that Malaysian flight that disappeared a few years ago.  Maybe he's just annoyed at CNN's abysmal ratings. 


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