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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sometimes Reality Wins Even At The UN

UNESCO chose yesterday to vote once again on its anti-Israel resolution about Jerusalem.  For years now, UNESCO votes periodically on a resolution that ignores any connection between holy places in Jerusalem and Jews while discussing the links with Muslims and Christians to the city and which also calls for the end of Israeli rule in that city.  It's funny, in a sad way, to think that the City of David (as Jerusalem is known) which was the capital of the Jewish state for almost 1000 years in ancient times and which is the capital of the modern Jewish state of Israel has no connection with Jews according to UNESCO.  UNESCO ignores all that Jewish history as well as the holiest site in Judaism (the Temple Mount) as if those facts just don't exist.

It is interesting, however, to see that reality seems to be coming through a bit even at the UN.  The number of nations supporting the Jerusalem resolution fell by ten this year compared to last year.  It's possible that in a year or so, the next iteration of the resolution will fail.  UNESCO doesn't have to support Israel in its battles with the Arabs.  It should, however, try to be honest in its actions.  I wonder if we will ever see that day come.

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