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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The North Koreans Add Another Enemy

North Korea has added another country to its list of enemy states.  The new entrant is Israel.  That may seem strange given that there is essentially no interaction between the two countries which are many thousands of miles apart.  The cause of the North Koreans threatening Israel with destruction, however, is apparently a statement by Israel's defense minister the other day that the North Koreans had allied themselves with Iran and Hezbollah and were assisting those two with their missile programs.  The propagandists in Pyongyang apparently took that as an insult and threatened a "one thousand fold response"  to the Israeli "provocation".

Sometimes you have to wonder about the sanity of Kim Jung Un and his minions.  What will they do next?  Maybe they will start calling their WMDs "Kimical Weapons" in honor of "fearless leader."  Maybe they will threaten Argentina for having too many people dancing the tango.  Most likely, they will start a search for "moose and squirrel" in order to keep their secret agents safe.


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