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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A "Cynical Exploitation of Grief" and What That Really Means

I came across a column from a relatively well known liberal commentator this morning that described last night's GOP convention as "a cynical explotation of grief".  After all, the GOP convention heard from those who lost family or friends due to the Obama administration's Fast and Furious gun running disaster, the terror attack in Benghazi that hit an underdefended American consulate, the father who lost his son to an illegal alien who had committed multiple crimes but who remained undeported, and a sheriff who spoke about the targeting of police, among others.  Certainly, there was a fair measure of grief on display.  But here's the thing:  that grief was not being exploited; it was grief that was due to Obama or Hillary Clinton.  The nation needs to be reminded of all the pain and suffering these two have caused.

So what did that column really mean?  Republicans pointing out the failures of the Democrats should certainly not come as a surprise, particularly when those failures are so terrible and caused such suffering.  The true meaning can be summed up in one word:  fear.  The average American who heard about all these disasters caused by Hillary and Obama could not come away from that experience kindly disposed to Clinton's candidacy.  The speeches were powerful because they were true.  The speeches were powerful because they were real.  They came from the heart.  They touched the hearts of others.  The liberal columnist understood that and was afraid that the rhetoric and the reality might hurt Clinton.  That fear led to a need to try to undermine the truth.  In the world of Hillary Clinton, lies are commonplace, but truth is an endangered species.  This column shows that honesty is now "cynical" and truth is the "exploitation of grief."  It must be terrible to have to live in Hillary's world.

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