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Sunday, July 31, 2016

More on the Khan Story

The media has truly lost it.  Donald Trump is being bashed for "going after" the parents of captain Khan, a Moslem American who lost his life in the US armed forces.  Mr. Khan spoke at the Democrat convention and attacked Trump.  He waved a copy of the Constitution and asked Trump if he had even read it.

That's besides the point, however.  Trump is being attack for his response to Khan.  So let's look at exactly what Trump said.  Trump said that Mr. Khan was very emotional.  That's true.  Anyone who saw the speech knows that.  Trump then got really nasty according to the media.  Here's what Trump said:  "he looked like a nice guy to me.  I wish him the best."  Trump then said that Mrs. Khan did not say anything.  He continued that perhaps she was not allowed to speak.

That's it.  That's what Trump said that was such a terrible "insult" according to the media.  The media says that Trump said Mrs. Khan was not allowed to speak because she is a Moslem, but Trump never said anything like that.  The media says that Trump attacked Mr. Khan and dishonored the loss of his son, except Trump never said anything like that.

It's bad enough that Hillary Clinton lies non-stop.  Can't we at least have a media that tries to state the truth?

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