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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Negative Attacks

One of the new storylines being pushed by the Clinton campaign and its media allies is that the GOP is being too negative.  It's pretty funny if you think about it.  The entire point of Hillary Clinton's campaign is to attack Donald Trump as "unfit" to be president.  There's a non-stop barrage of attacks coming from Clinton and the media.  Now they are trying to get the GOP to hold its return fire by claiming that Trump is being too negative.

Last night, Chris Christie set forth a list of facts about Hillary Clinton.  He pointed to her failures in Libya, Syria, Eastern Europe, Russia and elsewhere when she was secretary of state.  He pointed to her mishandling of government secrets which was confirmed by the Obama FBI.  Christies list was long, but it was factual.  And the media response was that it was just too "negative".  There was no defense of Hillary, because you just cannot defend against the truth.  Instead, that truth was ignored and the tone was attacked.

Americans are not dumb.  They will understand what is going on.

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