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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another Day, Another 80 Dead From Terrorism ..... So Far

ISIS (or as president Obama calls them, the JayVee team that has been contained) just blew up three bombs in Kabul Afghanistan in the middle of a crowd of people protesting construction of an electrical power line.  Eighty are confirmed dead and about 240 have been wounded.  We've reached the point where we don't even get one day without one of these attacks.  It's disgusting.

The most amazing thing about all these attacks is the response from Obama and also from Hillary Clinton.  Obama says that his strategy for dealing with ISIS is working.  Indeed, according to the White House, the main reason that there are so many terrible terrorist attacks around the world is because ISIS is losing.  For her part, Hillary Clinton tells America that she wants to continue with Obama's current strategy.

Assuming that Obama and Clinton are not mentally ill, there is no way to understand their current position.  We are not seeing a wounded ISIS strike out on one final attack.  We are witnessing a tidal wave of death and destruction around the world.  In the last month, we had 50 dead in Orlando, 80 dead in Nice, ten dead in Munich, over 100 dead in Afghanistan, hundreds killed in Iraq, huge numbers killed in Syria, along with major attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere.  The pace and scale of the attacks has been increasing.  What use to be one attack every three or four months is now three or four attacks every week. 

Now I know that if this post gets read by a liberal reporter, it will be said that I am painting a dystopian view of the world.  But here's the real scoop:  if the picture I am painting of the current state of the fight against terrorism seems scary, dark and worrisome, it's because that's the truth.  The issue has moved beyond whether or not Obama and Clinton will actually name our enemy; today, the question is whether or not Obama and Clinton will ever take a strong stand to stop the bloodshed.  Can America count on Hillary Clinton to protect us.  It certainly does not seem that way.

I could end with a message of condolence for the Afghans who have been victimized by the latest attack.  It's not enough.  My message of condolence is for all America and indeed all the people of the world.  We all hoped that there would be a president of the United States who takes the threat of these murderers seriously.  Clearly Obama is not such a man.  Even worse, it's also clear that we cannot expect Hillary Clinton to take action to protect the USA and to destroy the terrorists. What a terrible situation this is.

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