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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Terrorism in Nice

French media is reporting that the terrorist who killed 77 and wounded scores more in Nice is a 31 year old man originally from Tunisia.  I suppose it is no surprise that the killer is a Moslem given the obvious terrorist nature of the attack.  Nevertheless, it is still worth taking a step back and looking at what happened in France tonight.

1.  There is no way to twist this event into a call for gun control.  The French have very strict gun laws.  The terrorist, nevertheless, was armed with guns, rifles and even hand grenades.  The main weapon used by the terrorist, however, was a very large truck that drove through an area packed with people who had just watched the fireworks display for Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the Fourth of July.

2.  There is also no way to twist this event into some sort of non-Islamic event.  This was an expression of the essence of the doctrinal view of the particularly vicious brand of Islam followed by ISIS.  Those who still insist on denying this fact are just placing all of us at risk.  The attack was so horrific, that it even got Hillary Clinton to call the terrorist a "radical jihadist".  She still won't say the word Islamic, but after a year or more of fighting reality, Hillary actually is now being forced by that same terrible reality to move in the right direction.  For his part, president Obama is still in denial.

3.  It is sad to think that there is a group so depraved that they think that the murder of ordinary people out for a holiday evening is some sort of religious victory. 

The real question now is how to respond.  What would happen were the USA to actually wipe out ISIS forces in Raqqa, the ISIS capital?  We have the power to do that, but do we have the necessary will to go ahead with such a plan?  Anything less will just lead to more of the same.  Hillary Clinton said tonight she wants an "intelligence surge".  That's one of those statements that must have been focus grouped by ten pollsters.  It doesn't mean anything.  Hillary says she wants no American forces on the ground in Syria.  You cannot get intelligence, and certainly cannot get a surge in intelligence if you don't have forces in the area.  Donald Trump spoke about the need to keep out people from the terrorist areas if we don't know exactly who they are.  He doesn't want to import terrorists like tonight's killer into the USA. 

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