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Monday, July 25, 2016

This Is Getting Ridiculous -- German Style

Things are getting crazy in Germany.  Yesterday, a Syrian refugee attacked people on the street in Reutlingen; he used a machete to hack a pregnant woman to death and injure two others.  He was captured after a passing motorist used his car to run the terrorist down.  Then later in the evening, another Syrian refugee blew up a bomb outside a music festival in southwestern Germany.  Fortunately, the bomber was the only one killed although many were injured.  That's a terrible day for Germany.  To make things worse, however, the German authorities say that they don't know if there is any tie to terrorism here.


It was one thing when the German authorities were unclear about a tie to terrorism a few days ago when the terrorist was a Moslem from an Iranian family who was born and raised in Germany.  Just because this Moslem guy lured shot kids in a McDonalds doesn't make him an Islamic terrorist with ties to ISIS, or so they said.  After all, the Munich killer was Shiite and ISIS is Sunni.  Maybe he was some other kind of Islamic terrorist or maybe he was just insane.  But the two Syrian refugees who decided to commit acts of terror on the same day are clearly Islamic terrorists.  How often do non-terrorists attack others at random with a machete?  How often do non-terrorists commit suicide by blowing themselves up at a music festival?  Think about that.  The German police actually say that they don't know of a tie to terrorism for this bomber; maybe he was just suicidal.  It's ridiculous.  People don't spend weeks planning their suicides.  They don't go out and get the ingredients for a bomb, build the bomb, strap it on, go to a crowded music festival and then blow themselves up.

Look, I get that not every murder is terrorism.  Most people understand that.  I also get, however, that we are under attack in the West and that it is idiotic immediately to define terror attacks as something else.  We will never stop these attacks unless we accept the fact that they are real.

UPDATE:  It took a day, but the German government now admits that the bomber at the music festival had "pledged allegiance to ISIS".
I could have told them that.

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