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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

From Russia With Love?

It's an incredible thing to watch the mainstream media and the left going berserk about the DNC emails released by Wikileaks.  No one denies that the emails put online by Wikileaks are real.  No one says that those emails have been modified in any way.  No one disputes that the DNC did its best to try to squelch the campaign of Bernie Sanders and to make sure that Hillary Clinton won the nomination.  Nope, the big story is that the emails were hacked by Russia.  Now there's no proof that this is the case.  There's some indication that the hacker did not speak English as a first language, but there are billions of people other than the Russians who fit that description.  The original story of the emails was that they were obtained by an Eastern European hacker who named himself Guccifer 2.0 (after the Guccifer who says he hacked Hillary's home email server.)  There's also some indication that at least one hacker used a keyboard with the Cyrillic alphabet rather than our Western alphabet.  That fits with many Eastern Europeans as well as Russians.  So the only available proof fits just as well with the explanation of Guccifer 2.0 as with the Russians.  But here's the question: if these Russians were so sophisticated that they were able to hack the DNC with ease, is it possible that the hacker also intentionally used a Cyrillic keyboard to implicate Russia?  After all, if you were a Chinese hacker, wouldn't you prefer to have Putin and the Russians targeted than to have China get the blame?  The truth is that there is no evidence that proves the hackers were Russians, none at all!

There's an even more important point that has to be made about this computer hacking intrusion.  The emails that are so explosive were written by the Democrat National Committee.  It was the DNC who spread negative stories about Bernie and his supporters.  It was the DNC that scheduled the debates so as to prevent much chance for Bernie to have any impact.  It was the DNC that wanted to use Bernie's religion against him.  Etc.  The DNC in conjunction with the Clinton Campaign are the ones who are guilty of clear wrongdoing.  Their own emails prove it.  Now, in essence, the Democrats and their media allies are saying "We broke the rules; we violated the law; we abandoned our principles, but hey the Russians shouldn't have told you about that."

To make things worse, the Democrats are also pushing some sort of Trump tie in to the hacking.  They always mention that Trump says he could get along with Putin when they talk about the hack.  Very few of the mainstream media go that far.  Even the mainstream media won't level charges of misconduct at Trump when there is nothing that backs up such a bogus claim.  But let's consider this for a moment.  Remember that this is the second release of information from Wikileaks of information gotten by hacking the DNC.  The first release a few weeks ago was of negative research that the DNC had done on Donald Trump.  It contained things that were supposed to embarrass Trump and help the Democrat candidate.  Did the Russians choose to release that first because they are in cahoots with Trump?  Obviously, the answer is NO.

At some point, the Democrats are going to have to answer for what they did to Bernie and his supporters.  Deflecting this to the Russians is much like the tactic the Clintons used in the 1990s when they tried to defend Bill Clinton by arguing that Ken Starr, the special prosecutor, was a bad man.  They are trying to change the subject from one about which they cannot talk.

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