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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Liberal Hillary

Hillary Clinton has had a bad week in the polls.  One out this morning has Trump up by 7%.  The major polls out since the start of July actually average to a Trump lead of half a percent.  If you look at each of the major polls and compare them to their previous reading of the race, the margin has moved against Hillary by over 3%.  That's a lot of different ways to say that things aren't looking good in Clintonland.

So what happened?  It's actually two things.  The first one is the story line being pushed by the mainstream media.  Hillary was exposed by the director of the FBI as a criminal and a liar.  True, James Comey did not recommend an indictment, but he put forth all the lies and wrongdoing by Hillary.  People across America heard it and reacted against Mrs. Clinton.  The media says, however, that this will all pass and Hillary will regain her footing.  We'll have to wait and see on that one.

The second thing that happened is something that usually doesn't get discussed.  Hillary made clear just how liberal she really is, and she did it on a subject that liberals normally don't like to talk about in an election year:  law and order.  Two black men got shot by white police and that was quickly followed by the slaying of five police in Dallas.  Trump called himself the "law and order" candidate.  Hillary, however, blamed white racism for what had happened.  Think about that.  Think about the people in Ohio, far from the shootings, who are being told by Hillary that they are racists.  There are two things that most white  people in America would agree to:  1) there is still racism in America, and 2) they are not racist.  The truth is that those people would be right.  But it gets worse.  It's not just the comment from Hillary; it's the response from the entire Democrat party.  After Trump said he was in favor of law and order, there was a series of Democrats who called that phrase a "dogwhistle" indicating racism.  No doubt, the Clinton campaign or the DNC put this out as the talking point to use in response to Trump.  The average white American (indeed, the average American) does not see a mass murder like that in Dallas and think that calls for law and order are inappropriate.  They want law and order.  They want the killing to stop.  They hear about other actual and potential attacks on police and they worry that our society is breaking down.  So when Hillary and the Democrats come back with tried and true liberal positions that white racism is to blame and they offer no solution to the violence, most people don't find that a satisfactory response.  Nothing befell Hillary in the last two weeks; she did it all to herself. 

If the Democrat convention continues these themes in a few weeks, Trump may put the election away for good.

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