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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Once Again A Court Comes Through

A few months ago, the governor of Virginia announced that he was lifting the restriction on convicted felons which prevented them from voting.  Some states have such limitations while other do not.  Virginia, however, has long barred convicted felons from voting.  There was a push to lift this restriction, but the legislature voted against it.  In years past, prior governors, both Republican and Democrat, had announced that the change could only be made by legislative action.  Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton's pal, governor Terry Macauliffe, just announced "executive action" to lift the voting ban on felons.  He did it to try to make sure that Virginia would vote for Hillary in November.

That has all changed now.  The Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled that the governor did not have the power to change the law regarding the voting ban for felons.  In other words, the court came to same conclusion that all previous governors have reached; and then the court enforced that law.

This kind of thing makes the governor of Virginia look like a fool.  He knew he did not have the power, but he took the action anyway.  It reminds me of Obama's actions on immigration.  For years and years, Obama told us that he did not have the authority to change the immigration laws.  Only Congress could do that.  Then, after five years of that, Obama announced that he was basically legalizing half of the illegals in the country.  Twenty six states sued in federal court.  Every court that considered the issue ruled that Obama did not have the power to do what he tried to do.  The last court to take a look was the Supreme Court.  Obama's action has been blocked and will never go into effect.

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